Ste Curran, Jamaica, 2017

I’m Ste. I’m a game designer, speaker, writer and consultant from London, England.

I work with developers and publishers to make games better. I identify the heart of projects, refining system that unify teams and are built for audiences.  I lecture at conferences, colleges and universities across the world about game design, history, narrative and emotion. And I make my own games too.

Most of the work I do is short-term freelance and contract work. If you’d like to learn more click on the Speaking, Writing and Consultancy tabs above. Then get in touch.

This site is poorly maintained but also serves as a portfolio of my speaking work — a place for me to capture and track the bigger talks I do every year. View that portfolio here or read about some of the other things I do over on the Other Projects tab.

Any questions? Contact me.